When S**t Happens

It was bad enough my muse abandoned me a few months ago. Potential posts have been sitting incomplete in a draft folder waiting for a spark of inspiration to give them life.

… and now the bottom has fallen out completely.

It all started yesterday.

I’m in Portugal on a short vacation with Gilles. We arrived yesterday afternoon after an exhausting 13 hour journey – not counting the 5 hour time change. In other words I had gone 24 hours without sleeping.

We had been in Lisbon for only about an hour when it happened.

I forgot my backpack on the side of the road when we arrived at our rental apartment. Needless to say, by the time I noticed it was missing, the bag was gone.

The loss of that pack is devastating to me. It contained my laptop, both my cameras, the hard drive containing every photo I’ve ever taken, and assorted other technology.

I’ve been completely gutted by the loss. It was a moment of carelessness at a time when I was feeling brain-dead from exhaustion.

Although I *think* the bag was tagged with my contact information, I’m not certain but I do know for sure my backups are grossly old. If the bag is not recovered, the impact will be significant.

As is typical in our marriage, when one of us falls apart, the other manages to remain a calming influence in the emotional storm. Gilles has been amazing in holding me together … not a small undertaking.

I can now talk about it without crying. I know it’s just *stuff* and stuff is replaceable.

In the meantime I have just a phone … a device I don’t use a lot. Trying to create this post has been painful and now I understand the frustration so many of you have expressed with the WordPress editor.

This is really just a long way of telling you good-bye. I don’t know when I’ll be back but I do know it won’t be on a phone.

Photo by Gilles. Who would ever have thought we’d find a polar bear in Portugal? Just trying to prove I still have a sense of humour.


  1. Oh my goodness, I do feel your pain, intensely!!! I remember reading about the loss of your cameras which was bad enough but the computers too!!! I am glad that the tears have subsided and you’re now able to face this with humor. Almost worth the whole thing to get that picture with you and the polar bear …but seriously. I do hope your stuff finds its way back to you, or that it has already been destroyed so no one can touch it, or that the thieves who have failed to return the goods to you suffer endlessly the remainder of their days. May insurance get you some shiny new equipment soon. And the good news is that you have so many good memories stored safely here on the blog.


    • Thanks Lisa for the kind words.

      Now that I’m home again, I’m trying to deal with this new reality. I finally have a new computer again but the recovery of my photo library is turning out to be a major problem. Sigh.

      Like you said, at least I have the memories I stored on my blog. Right now those are the only tangible photos I have left 😦


    • The past couple of weeks have certainly been challenging and the troubles seem to have followed me home.
      Now I’m having trouble recovering any of my photo library. I’m really quite disheartened 😦


  2. Oh Joanne I am so very sorry. I had a similar experience on arrival in Slovenia in 2013. Tired from a long haul flight I left my bag in the shuttle vehicle and it contained my passport, iPad, most of my money, credit cards and the kitchen sink.I was fortunate enough to have everything returned within a couple of hours. nothing short of a miracle. I’m hoping that by some chance the same might happen for you. If not, and I see in above comments it has not, I hope the insurance process will be helpful. Your blog itself will hold many of your photos if that is a slim consolation. Sending big hugs. Travel is not all glorious and lined with cupcakes and unicorns. Definitely a dragon or two along the way.


    • We’ve been lucky up to now that we’ve not experienced any of the ugliness that sometimes comes with travel.
      So far even the insurance company is stonewalling me. I have virtually no confidence now that there will be happy ending to this story 😦

      Yes, sometimes shit happens and that’s all you can say about it.


  3. I’ll say it with you, Joanne. Sh*t. X 25. But, you will come out on the other side. Insurance can replace the things, but the photos… Sh*t X 125.
    I saw that you are home…a difficult journey to be sure. But time and patience are on your side.


    • Thanks Nancy. It seems that my trials aren’t quite over yet. I still don’t have my computer replaced. I’ve had 2 false starts and I’ll be heading back to the store today for round 3. Hopefully it will be the charm.

      The insurance company has already started making squeaky noises about not covering any of the loss. I’m waiting for them to ‘check with head office’. I’m not surprised. I suspected this was going to happen.

      In general, I’m just trying to deal with being home again and I think it’s going to be a long slog before I feel like I’m back on my feet again 😦


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