My Head Space

It’s now been 85 days since my last blog post.

Up until I actually started to type that line, I thought my last blog post would likely BE my last blog post.

Yet here I am.

The words coming out in this post have been swirling around my head since the early hours of this morning. I wanted to sleep, but the words wouldn’t go away. They insisted on being written.

It feels a bit like going to Confession … “forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been 85 days since my last Confession … “.

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. The first church built on this site is believed to have been around 1030.

The thoughts occupying my brain this morning have been reminding me of what blogging meant to me – learning the art of storytelling, exploring the world through a camera lens, and discovering its secrets, mysteries and magic.

… not to mention all the friends I’ve made in this ether …. yes, especially, it’s been the friends. Simply said, I’ve missed you.

The Three Fates – St Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Although my blog space has been dormant, I’ve been busy. It’s been a time of solitude, introspection, and fishing in the proverbial creative pool.

I’ve discovered that pool to be more like a river. Sometimes it flows fast and furious, while other times it’s muddy and sluggish.

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

I never know what I’m going to find when I dip my line into its waters.

Grand Canal, Dublin

I considered very briefly turning this space into a gallery for my artwork.

I rejected that thought almost as quickly as it formed, but I appreciate that I can’t mention spending 2 months in a creative space and not offer a sample of my work. That would just be a little too disingenuous of me.

This is my take-off of a painting owned by Karen Hume (from the now quiet blog Profound Journey).

This painting spoke to me of mysteries in the Universe and I felt compelled to try and tackle it. I’ve deliberately left it unfinished. For now, it feels right to me.

I still don’t know what this space will become in the weeks and months ahead – if anything. It will just have to be a surprise for both of us.

National Museum of Ireland – Natural History


  1. I’ve been so busy that I’m only now getting back to reading some of my past emails. I have to admit that when you have over 2000 unread emails I tend to pick and choose what I read and I delete the rest. I had no idea that you hadn’t posted in 85 days. Glad you’re back. BTW you are an artist. I love what you posted here.

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  2. Joanne, I’m glad to see that you’re back to blogging. I’ve been checking here from time to time. However, I too, disappeared from the blogging world for nearly two months from mid January to mid March, although my posting schedule has always been erratic rather than regular, unlike yours.

    Welcome back!


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  3. Welcome back Joanne. I have to admit didn’t actually miss you for I was ‘gone’, too, for some time, in that guilty half-in half-out blogging limbo. I’m glad you’re back and look forward to seeing how you and your blog embrace your new hobby. Looks good so far. 🙂

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  4. On a whim I checked in here to see if you were blogging again. You are. Kind of. I like your artwork and can see that it is something that helps you feel whole in a fractured world. Maybe it’ll be all you do here. Maybe not. Perhaps the story teller within you will return. Never say never when it comes to blogging.

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  5. Hey Joanne,
    I’ve missed reading your blog…but totally understand as my life has taken up the “head space” I used to reserve for my blog. So rather than 2 posts a week I think I am down to 2 a month! But I am trying not to feel guilty about it. And, like you, it is the people and relationships that I miss.
    So I don’t think I’ll abandon completely…I still have things to say and share. And I like you guys too much!
    PS: Great art and photos, as usual.

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    • I have so many great photos I’ve taken in the past couple of months, but whenever I think about writing a post, I get distracted into something else instead. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means I’m making use of my time doing things that matter more to me right now 🙂


  6. Welcome back, Joanne! Has it really been that long? I check on you every week or so for a new post.
    About blogging, I’ve had my blog since late 2012. The great thing about a blog is it has as much flexibility and freedom as you want to give it. One can use a heavy schedule of daily posts, or quarterly, or just absolutely random — when the mood strikes. I don’t give myself schedule-rules other than trying to post once a week. Usually I do weekend and Wednesday, but that’s not a promise to myself. I like to be consistent, but it’s not a rule I’ve given myself.
    Whatever you do, I’m always happy to see something from you.

    Art & Creations– I love seeing what you’ve done. Although I’m not good at anything I’m “crafty” and used to draw and paint (I’ve been trying to find the time to start painting again.) So, I love to see what others are doing. The one you shared here is wonderful. As for “finished” — when it feels right, to me, that’s finished. Sometimes a creative work is in a state of constant change, and that’s what’s right for that one.
    This entire post is lovely, photos, paintings, and words. Hugs on the wing!

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    • I too have been blogging since late 2012. I love having this forum and I love the community I belong to.

      For now, my attention has been diverted elsewhere as I continue to explore my creative side. Most of it is just various degrees of dross, but it’s all part of the learning curve … just like blogging was in the early months 😏


  7. Joanne i appreciate the update just to know that you are well and exploring life. My suggestion is to not put any pressure on yourself and let your creativity take you where it will. Your art is incredible and looks like a fabulous outlet for your talent. Hugs from Dave and I. xo

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