If You Visited Me Today

You would find that my home smells like Mr Klean.

I just vacuumed and washed the floors. You would be impressed, until you notice that my burst of energy had not translated into doing any dusting.

You would likely comment on how long my hair is getting … thinking to yourself that it’s much grayer than usual … and yes, I have lost weight.

Thank you for noticing.

I would bake up a batch of white chocolate, macadamia nut cookies that I found in the freezer yesterday. The forgotten cookies were from my last pre-plague outing to a country market.

They will make an expected treat today.

I would offer you a coffee or herbal tea to wash down the cookies, but we would likely be inspired to raid Gilles’ Armageddon supply of wine, and start a bit of day-drinking. You might question whether Gilles will notice the missing bottles, but I know there is plenty more hidden downstairs.

We all had our priorities when we prepared to hunker down for isolation. This was his.

We would compare notes on how we’ve managed over this first month of self-isolation, and our conversation would get more animated as we kill our first bottle of wine.

You would notice the proliferation of rainbows cast by the crystals hanging in my kitchen window. We would both smile at this simple joy.

You might ask where Theo is, but he had quickly scurried outdoors when the vacuum cleaner started. By now he’s snoozing in a sunny corner after patrolling the yard for suspected interlopers into his territory.

He doesn’t realize he’s shooting blanks and the other animals in the neighbourhood simply aren’t getting his message to stay away when he ‘sprays’ the yard.

I would be eager to show you my little basement studio where I’ve been spending most of my time in a messy, creative haze. This period of forced isolation has proven to be a perfect time to learn, practice, and practice some more.

But sadly, now you have to go. We’re both a little tipsy so it’s a good thing you’re not driving.

It’s been so nice to talk to someone in person and I miss you already … but there will still be plenty of wine for the next visit!


  1. Normally I don’t even drink, since my Dad was Native American so the Fire Water was something he warned against ever partaking of… but I think before Pandemic is over I could start and become a total Lush. I’ve considered lots of vices I’ve refrained from doing, since as a Diabetic Senior during a Pandemic, my Risk factors means I could Die of something less exciting and a whole lot more terrifying… so why refrain now? My Mind goes to lots of those places when spending way too much time in Social Isolation and Lock Down extended Stay, I’ve even made Prison Breaks and Death Runs as this has dragged on for far too long and looking like it could just be indefinite? I wish I could say I am losing weight, I am losing Sleep, does that Count? I’m also scouring The Land Of Blog for good reading material, so your Blog is a Source of New Light and Humor during Dark times.

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    • “I”m losing Sleep, does that Count?” 🤣 I’ve discovered the joys of an afternoon nap. They are glorious … but begs the question – why do I sleep better on the couch in the middle of the afternoon than I do in my bed at night?!


    • It’s hard to believe we’ve been in isolation now for 2 months. Yikes. I remember the panic and anxiety in the initial days, and yet remarkably we adapt.

      Stay safe and diligent out there as things begin to open up. We aren’t through this yet by a long shot. I think our numbers in Ontario are still too high, but no one asked me for my opinion. It puzzles me how we could still have so many new cases per day if people did what they were asked to do 😕

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      • yeah – I am puzzled too – but they said somewhere that some of the higher numbers might be related to an increase in testing – hmmm

        anyhow, wishing you a good week ahead and glad to touch base J

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  2. Lovely virtual visit with you, Joanne. I did a frenzy of housecleaning the first week of sheltering in place, but since then, I’ve reverted to my typical lackadaisical approach. As for dusting, I’m short and I just don’t “see” any dust on surfaces above eye level — that is, five feet and higher. Tall people must be horrified when they visit. Hmm, to be honest, I pretend not to see the dust that’s lower down too.



    • hehehe! I can relate!! I have a couple of friends who are very tall – like 6’5″ kind of tall. One day I happened to be on a stool looking for something in the cupboard above the fridge and was horrified at the dirt I found up there … a height easily viewable by my tall friends. Sigh – ignorance was bliss 😏


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