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Lofty Heights

In an earlier post I briefly introduced the Meteora in Greece. Located about a 4-hour drive north of Athens, Meteora is a stunningly beautiful area of giant rock pillars.  I read somewhere that the word itself means “lofty” or “elevated”, … Continue reading

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Will You Remember Me?

To continue my tale about our travels in Greece, today’s story is about another peculiarity I noticed – the roadside memorial. I appreciate that roadside memorials are likely a common feature in most parts of the world, however I’m used … Continue reading

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Church Doors – Greek Style

All the gates and doors I am featuring in this week’s Thursday Doors were from two churches I found in Athens. The first one had a charming little outbuilding at the rear of the property.  I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Something to Meow About

Greece has been a country full of surprises for me. Admittedly, we came here with no advance plan, and therefore no preconceived ideas of what we would see and do, but sometimes it’s the small things that capture my attention … Continue reading

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Greek Doors

It’s been a while since I featured a door post, so today I’m trying to squeeze in some Athenian doors I’ve been stockpiling. I was finding just so many interesting doors that after a while I stopped taking photos unless … Continue reading

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I Love November

For the first time in two years, Gilles and I are on vacation, and this month’s Changing Seasons post is being sent to you while I’m on the road. Greetings from Greece! I could fill this entire post with the … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Tropics

When you think of Canada (which hopefully you do at least once in a while), do images of white sandy beaches, tropical temperatures, and palm trees come to mind?  In October? Apparently for the producers of the TV series, Designated … Continue reading

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Home Is Where We Make It

As Helen and I zip up and down country roads looking for our latest trail head, we admire the many beautiful old houses we pass along the way.  We fantasize about winning the lottery, and what type of home would … Continue reading

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October Life

What a whirlwind of a month!  I give October top marks for a month of great weather allowing plenty of outdoor adventure. Overall, the unseasonably warm fall has meant that we are about 3 weeks behind changing leaf colour and … Continue reading

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Stop The Train

The handful of you who read my blog Following A Bold Plan, will recognize this building as the Witch’s Hat in Uxbridge, which sits along the Trans-Canada Trail. The Witch’s Hat was built in 1904 as a train station to … Continue reading

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