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I’m A New Me

Donna at Retirement Reflections wrote a post outlining a Retiree’s Job Description.  I think she nailed it perfectly in highlighting the roles, responsibilities, and skill sets to be a successful retiree. In our comment exchange, we talked about the need … Continue reading

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Finding *Extra* In The Ordinary

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling grouchy for no apparent reason? That’s my world today as I nurse my coffee and a simmering growl.  There’s no particular explanation for it – I slept well and I feel rested.  There … Continue reading

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On This Day

Sixty-one years ago today a 32-year-old immigrant from Holland gave birth to a baby girl – her 4th child. It was almost a tragic day, for the child was strangled during birth by the umbilical cord. There were several frantic, … Continue reading

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Stupid Doors

If you’re looking for beauty and inspiration, you won’t find it here today.  This post is all about the plain and ordinary.  Why?  Because I’ve been head-down painting every door in our house.  It’s not exactly been stimulating stuff. We’ve lived in … Continue reading

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New And Improved

I’m going to make a bold statement and declare that the Saga Of The Broken Collarbone has finally reached its conclusion after 6 months and 20 days. Today I had my 7th followup with the Fracture Clinic and although the surgeon … Continue reading

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Time Is On Our Side

There are those people who seem to have no concept of time, and others, like me, who are overly aware of it.  Whether we are sensitive to time or not, it is deeply ingrained into our language and reminders of … Continue reading

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Rubbing Elbows with the Art World

Late in November, I accepted an assignment to write an article for the Bruce Trail Magazine and website. I’ve written frequently in my blog about my love for this 900 km wilderness trail and now I was being asked to … Continue reading

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… and so the week begins.

Just when I’m starting to feel a certain amount of cabin fever from being stuck at home convalescing, the Universe sends me entertainment right outside my front door to amuse me. Bell Canada has been busy in our area for … Continue reading

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Musings On A Rainy Day

So far, this year has been full of various trips, falls, misses, and failures – some of them figurative, many of them literal.  A few of them I’ve talked about here, but most of them I haven’t. There has been one … Continue reading

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