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I Hear Voices


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Walking in Sunshine

Last week was a bad one for me … the kind of week where my goal was to get through it without hurting myself – or someone else. It was a week of insomnia. The garage made an unexpected jerk-move … Continue reading

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Beware! Nature Ahead

What do you do on a gray rainy day when you’re feeling dark and gloomy? Well, if you’re like I was yesterday, you’d spend it overdosing on jelly beans while watching CraveTV.  I preferred not to have a repeat of … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not Important

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada.  Like our American cousins, this is a time when we should be reflecting on all the things in our life for which we are grateful.  The markets are exploding with the abundance of nature’s harvest and … Continue reading

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You Are Not Welcome Here

I was having a discussion recently with Lynn at Life After 50 about my trials and tribulations with losing things around the house.  She told me about her theory of evil gnomes who move into our homes uninvited after our children have grown and … Continue reading

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Be Afraid …

As we go about our daily routines, we are often oblivious to the dangers surrounding us … ready to catch us unaware and wreak certain havoc in our lives.  Such was the case this morning as I bounded out of … Continue reading

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