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On This Day

Sixty-one years ago today a 32-year-old immigrant from Holland gave birth to a baby girl – her 4th child. It was almost a tragic day, for the child was strangled during birth by the umbilical cord. There were several frantic, … Continue reading

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When Love Surprises

Earlier today I exchanged comments with Diana at Myths Of The Mirror and Bridget at The Happy Quitter about our life partners who are … shall we say … somewhat less than romantic. I had described my husband of 33 years as Mr Practical, not someone … Continue reading

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Panic In A Pasture

Earlier today I had a conversation with Ally Bean, via the comments section of her blog post on The Spectacled Bean, about an encounter between some cows and a turtle.  Spoiler Alert – the turtle was a total badass. This … Continue reading

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Where Is Home?

When I was still quite young, living with my parents, I asked my mom if she missed her home. You see, my mother was a war bride from the Netherlands who came to Canada in 1946 after marrying my father. … Continue reading

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A Piece Of My Past Gets Erased

I’m noticing that as I get older, I’m deriving more comfort from reminders of the past. Whether it’s familiar sights, music, foods … they all bring back memories of a time when I was young and had a lifetime ahead … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not Important

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada.  Like our American cousins, this is a time when we should be reflecting on all the things in our life for which we are grateful.  The markets are exploding with the abundance of nature’s harvest and … Continue reading

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Not Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood

My newest obsession is the list of Toronto heritage buildings I found online earlier this summer.  I’ve been poking away at it for a while, trying to make it user friendly so I can plan outings. One of the interesting … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors: Still Stuck In The Past

Last week I featured a post on cast iron wood stoves from Black Creek Pioneer Village, and this week I have another door I discovered while I was there. This semi-underground cold storage area would have been a place of nightmares … Continue reading

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A Return to Normal

I’ve been away for what feels like a very long time. Entertaining my visitors from Holland and playing tourist became a full time job. Now that my cousin has returned home, I’m vaguely feeling a bit at loose-ends. It’s time to reassemble … Continue reading

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It’s True For Me

MJ at Mary J Melange recently posted the following photo with the question “is this true or not”?  She challenged her readers to respond with their stories one way or the other. I’m not sure about the *great* story part, … Continue reading

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