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Filler February

We’re closing in on the end of the shortest month of the year and it’s time for February’s version of Changing Seasons.  I know it’s been said by many people before me, but the best part of February is the … Continue reading

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New Year, Changing Seasons #3

For the past two years I’ve participated in Cardinal Guzman’s monthly photo challenge, The Changing Seasons.  I’ve enjoyed the exercise each month of reflecting on the photos I’d taken and giving the month a theme … that’s just my thing.  I’m … Continue reading

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A Powerful Force Called Theo

Facebook informed me this morning that Theo became a part of my life 4 years ago today. Gilles had always argued against having a pet because it didn’t fit into our lifestyle.  I always suspected the real reason was because … Continue reading

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This Is Not The Garden Of Eden

My mother often used some pretty colourful language and she is brought to mind today because if she were here, she would ask why I’m walking around like I have a stick up my bum. I am feeling so many shades … Continue reading

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F = Furry Family

For as far back as I can remember, we always had a dog when I was growing up.  Quite simply, we were dog-people. Our dogs were always mutts – adopted from someone we knew or the local pound – always a male, and always … Continue reading

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How Is Your Day Going?

I hope your burdens are light and your spirits are high!

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Hail The “New”

Many people are uncomfortable with change and ‘newness’ … I’m not one of them.  I know I’m ready for a shake-up when I start to feel restless, which has been exactly my mood for the past month. I tend to … Continue reading

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All Well And Furry

I’ve decided that my last blog post of the year will be about my furry baby, Theo. When last I mentioned him in November, Theo had been sick for some time and getting worse.  After spending too much money on … Continue reading

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The Warmth Of My Love – Photo 101

Today’s theme feels like bitter cruelty – the theme is warmth, preferably from the sun. Seriously?!  This is a day of flat, gray November skies intermixed with occasional snow squalls, leaving a dusting of the white stuff on the ground. We’re … Continue reading

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What Is Bliss? Photo101

For today’s theme of “bliss”, my thoughts drifted back to basics. For me, bliss is gentle and ethereal … a fleeting feeling based on who I’m with and what I’m doing.  It’s rarely complicated. Bliss is feeling comfortable and content, knowing I’m in a safe … Continue reading

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