L = Louisville, Kentucky

So many of our trips have been focused around a race and 2011 was no exception.  This time Gilles’ race of choice was Ironman Louisville and so off  we went to Kentucky.

Louisville remains the place where I enjoyed myself the most as a spectator. I was able to easily walk everywhere, there were bridges in abundance (I really like bridges) … and bourbon.

It is here I discovered the joys of a fine bourbon.

L = Louisville2

L = Louisville

The city’s whiskey heritage was apparent in many discreet and not so discreet ways. I thought Whiskey Row had a rather nice ring to it as an address.

L= Louisville 3 L= Louisville 4

This city was friendly and welcoming to its visitors for this major race weekend … and in my opinion, they have the loudest and liveliest finish line in the sport, located at Fourth Street Live.

L= Louisville 5



  1. My youngest, Felicia, graduated from UD and her best friend Erin, came from Louisville KY and she ended up being her roommate for 3 years. Felicia moved upon graduation down to live in Louisville and I enjoyed the river front activities and almost like Cleveland “Flats” area with jazz and bands playing in many night clubs. Beautiful and fun, Joanne!


  2. I’ve been to Louisville, though very briefly…it’s a very pretty little city! I can’t drink whiskey because I’m prone to migraines, but it’s interesting to see the history nonetheless 🙂


    • I heard of this!
      There were fireworks every night we were in Louisville leading up to the race on Sunday. When I was commenting on it one day in one of the local stores, the sales person told me about the build up to Derby week – although she didn’t give it a name.
      What I experienced in August was apparently “nothing” compared to the April event!

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    • It was a very deliberate decision.
      We knew we wanted to make travel a very important part of our lives and being physically active also became very important to us as the boys grew up … so we combined the two!
      No regrets 🙂


  3. I’m with you on the joy of fine bourbon …. I discovered Mint Juleps in Vicksburg – Mississippi and I remember that first time over 10 years ago like it was yesterday. I have never been to Kentucky, you have got me wanting to plan a trip to the south!


    • You know when you pass big country estates that have been given a name? I’ve often pondered what I would want to call my estate … because surely someday I will have one 😉
      I think Whiskey Estates sounds like a perfectly good name 🙂

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