Spring’s April Appearance

The month of April is almost at a close and I’m already in full anticipation of May ahead.

April turned out to be crazy busy in all the ways that are good …. making plans, starting new things, exploring, and watching nature come alive again after another winter.

As usual, weather has taken centre stage.  We’ve seen a lot of rain and wind, particularly earlier in the month, with creeks running full and Lake Ontario stretching its boundaries.  Flooding hasn’t been a huge problem, although large sections of the beach in Toronto’s east end have been under water.

Ashbridges Bay2
Early morning at Ashbridge’s Bay

However, it’s said that April showers bring May flowers and this year flowering seems to be well ahead of schedule.  Spring has been exploding in leaps and bounds.

I wish all my photos turned out this well

If I didn’t have pollen allergies, this time of year would be perfection.

April has been about being outdoors more and I’ve wasted no time to explore some of the park land on the west end of the city which I don’t know well at all.

What’s curious about Lake Ontario’s shoreline is how it occasionally curves on itself creating unexpected perspectives.

Humber Bay5
Humber Bay Park East

I like the optical illusion created by the curving shore which makes the Toronto skyline appear so close when in fact it’s quite a distance down the shore.

Port Credit

The warmer temperatures have lured us out of our winter hibernation and the trails have been beckoning.   In particular, we’ve been chipping away at the Trans-Canada Trail heading north from Toronto.   The patches of snow that survived the thawing of early April are now gone and as the month comes to a close, the trees are already in a deep green haze.

My new steed rides like a dream
Abandoned rail track in Tottenham

With the warmer weather, humans aren’t the only things that have become more active. The chirping and calling of birds has once again become a common sound early in the mornings and throughout the day.

Humber Bay4

I’m not the only one who’s noticed the increased activity of the bird life.  My chubby, spoiled furball is also enjoying the wonderful arrival of spring as he spends more time outdoors.  There is just so much to smell and explore.  It surprises me that Theo hasn’t given himself whiplash trying to track the birds that flash by the backyard.


This April, spring has come early and given us a taste of what to expect in the summer months ahead.  I can hardly wait!

Changing Seasons is a monthly photo feature hosted by Max at Cardinal Guzman.


  1. Thought it was summer on Friday but today it feels like winter is back🤔

    Some great shots Joanne! I’ve only had a chance to get out on my bike for one ride but sure hope to get many more in in the coming days!


    • It’s still very early days and I think spring is ahead of schedule here so I’m not too impatient yet.
      Today I will definitely be digging out the rain boots though … assuming I do venture outdoors at all 😉


  2. To hear the sound of singing and chirping birds makes me so happy so, I can imagine how wonderful the sound must be to you. I loved those branches so heavy with blossoms against the blue sky, your cityscapes with the lake are beautiful, and your narrative read like poetry.


  3. I love Spring. It is definitely my favorite season and I DO miss not having a spring by living in a tropical climate ( no winters though so I am not complaining!) Beautiful blossoms, trail and particularly cute kitty on the po



  4. Your Spring has arrived early, and our Spring has decided to take its time to arrive this year. Your photos are great — especially the ones of Theo…and your new bike! Enjoy the Spring weather…hopefully are warm weather will be here to stay soon!


      • Yes; it can mess with your head. My son likes to tell people how it was snowing when he was born, and how I panicked that we’d get snowed in and not be able to get to hospital to deliver him (we lived in a flat in a very isolated manor house when I was pregnant). His birthday is in February, often the hottest month here, and all his friends are used to celebrating it outdoors with a barbecue and swimming.


  5. Last Monday a friend and I made it to High Park by 8:30am to view the cherry blossoms – they were lovely and it was a perfect Spring day – beautifully sunny but crisp. After the cherry blossoms we headed down to the Humber Bay Park for a walk out on the islands – it is really lovely down there – so glad you enjoyed your day.


  6. Love the palette of the blossom photo – the blue in the sky – difficult to describe, but gorgeous.
    For about 5 or 6 years now, I’ve had spring allergies – late onset, I guess – pain in the patootie. My eyes are just now starting to itch, so I’ll take that as a good sign that winter (boots in or out of the closet) is outta here!


  7. The beautiful images seem to be inviting you to come out and play. It feels like summer here today it’s about 82° almost 6 o’clock at night and I’m sitting with Maddy of course.


  8. Beautiful images Joanne 😀 I am an allergy sufferer also but I take daily meds. to help me. Spring and autumn are my favorite times of year.


  9. I like your bike. I want one! Our oldest dog got a bird the other day. I nearly had a heart attack. I am not sure who was more surprised him or the bird. He didn’t know what to do with it, laid down and watched the bird. After a while the bird flew off. I don’t think he will try that again. 🙂


    • omg – I can imagine your reaction!

      It reminds me of a time a few years ago when Theo caught a chipmunk. I was NOT HAPPY, but it turned out to be one of the most comical things I’ve ever seen and I only wish I had thought to grab my camera and video it.
      Needless to say, the chipmunk did escape (in spite of himself), leaving Theo unimpressed with our intervention.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Glad to hear that you’re having a great time. Over here in India the mercury is soaring. Thankfully, Mumbai on the western side is receiving some sea breeze to cool off.


  11. We had a lot of rain, flooding and cold temps in April, but the sun is shining bright again, temps are back up to normal, and the promise of summer is finally here. My hiking group is ready for action this week, can’t wait to get out there! Enjoy your new adventure.


  12. I enjoyed the birds, the water and how you are showing your “steed” Joanne.
    The Toronto photograph of curved bay to spy the city skyline was beautiful! Hope all continues to go well, safe and successfully with your “chipping away” at your journey north on the Trans-Canada trail. 🙂 May it be splendid and safe, godspeed, J and travel mate!


  13. I’m torn between which picture is my favorite, so this is a great post. Theo, aww. Blossoms, ooh. Your noble steed 😛 Haha!
    We’re having all the April showers. I’m sorry your allergies prevent you from enjoying it fully, but it really does look lovely there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even through my sniffling, wheezing, sneezing, drug-induced mental thickness, I still love the changing landscape of spring … and for extra happiness, my tulips opened yesterday. You know, the tulips I don’t officially have, but yet keep reappearing each spring?
      I have planted numerous tulips that have never grown. These tulips I’ve never planted, yet miraculously show up each year. Spring magic 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Spring is glorious!
        I really, really think the safest tulips to plant are the red, orange, pinks that go down to 8″ — because I really, really think the squirrels love to eat the dark ones and the white ones. The reds must not be as tasty. I lose more of those dark purples and whites every year. I’m going to only plant that particular variety in reds from now on. Much as I love all the colors, and feeding my critters, there is a division there. :/
        I’m so glad you have magical tulips! 😀


        • ooooh – 8″ in a lot deeper than I thought. THAT might be my problem. Well, that, and squirrels.

          I haven’t tried planting any since I got Theo. Now that I have a resident security guard on yard duty – and he takes his responsibilities very seriously – maybe this fall is the time to try again. Thanks! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  14. Beautiful photos, Joanne. I love the pictures of the water and flowering tree, the city at a distance. How great that you are outside enjoying it! Spring decided to show up here too – yesterday. It’s exploding. A great time of year 🙂


  15. Lots of birds out here, too, Joanne. I’m enjoying spring, although, today it’s windy and chilly. Thankfully, I don’t have spring allergies as I’ve read it’s a bad year for them so far. Glad to see you’re chipping away at the trail mileage bit by bit. My husband’s bikes are all Specialized and not just specialized but expensive. 🙂 However, he puts lots of miles on them, so it probably averages out well.



  16. Love the photo of the railroad tracks and the one of your bike on the trail. We’re currently in a bit of a cold spell (it tried to snow on Thursday), but we should be out of it by Wednesday. I’m itching to take the bike out again so next Saturday may be perfect to hit one of the local trails. Have a fabulous weekend, Joanne, and cheers to May!


    • It’s a bit chilly here today too and unfortunately I think we’re going to get rained out on Monday – our usual trail day. However, everything is looking so green now that I can’t help but smile 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Like the bike, I have an older Specialized which hasn’t seen the open road for over a year now, If only the weather here in the UK would get a bit warmer, that’s my excuse :>/ My two cats are spending a lot more time in the garden, mainly ambushing each other. :>)


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