Changing Seasons – Year 4

I’m back for a 4th year of Changing Seasons – a monthly blogging event that celebrates the changes in our world throughout the year.

Depending on where you live, weather certainly can play a huge part in those changes, but so do all the other activities going on in our day-to-day lives – obstacles, victories, or simple survival.

Thank you to Max at Cardinal Guzman for giving this feature life for the past 3 years, and to Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch for picking up the torch from Max.  Perhaps this year you’ll consider joining in too.  You may discover a texture or pattern to your months that you never knew existed.

For many of us, the weather has been THE big event this month, dominating a lot of blogging space.   In my corner of the world, January has been a roller coaster ride of frigid cold, followed by a teasing melt, and then back to Arctic conditions.

It hasn’t been a pleasant month for outdoor activities.

Jan 2018 5
A walk down at Bluffers Park on a “mild” day.  The cold wind off the lake made picture taking unpleasant.

Perhaps it was just as well that I had a busy month of obligations that often kept me house bound, but in spite of that, I still managed to brave the cold on more than a few occasions.

The following photos are some of my winter time adventures this month.

Ice skating in the snow at City Hall on New Year’s Day.
Out for a walk in a local park to blow off some mental cobwebs, and – to my delight – encountering 5 deer in a clearing.
Lakeshore - anachuk3
I’ve passed this giant Inukshuk dozens of times in warmer weather, riding my bike along the lakeshore.  Only a steaming cup of hot chocolate made up for this bitterly cold walk.
Helen and I managed only 1 trip out on the TransCanada Trail this month, and it was a ‘character builder’.  In this case, it took a couple of shots of fireball whiskey to bring back our good humour.

I haven’t played with the colour on these photos.  Life really has been a landscape of white with flat greys and browns, even on the sunniest of days.  Any spot of colour discovered in this monotony would jump out, begging for a photo.

Cycling will remain a dream until much warmer weather returns.

I’ve had a full month making new memories, and the month isn’t even over yet.

Later this week I’ll be reporting for jury duty.  Either January will end in mind-numbing boredom as I kill time in the pool of potential jurors, or it will be an interesting blog-worthy experience. Who knows?

In the meantime, winter is here to stay for a couple more months, and Theo says to let him sleep until spring.




  1. Thank you for a glimpse into your wintery world – it is very much different for me as I am on the equator in Singapore, so I love peeking into winter wonderlands!
    P/S I found you through Su’s The Changing Seasons post.


      • We complain about the heat & humidity a great deal as well, so maybe it is really a case of grass being greener on the other side! That’s one of the joys of our WordPress International Community – we have so much variety and diversity, it allows me a peek into so many different places & cultures!


  2. Oh, it all looks Soooo… cold! The first photo with the ice on the tree is amazing, I remember your monthly visits to the lakeside and how much it changes. I think Theo has the right idea about how to spend the winter.


    • Oh Jude, it WAS cold. For the last few days we’ve been enjoying relatively mild temperatures, but the cold is returning overnight.

      Theo has been enjoying this temporary reprieve and spending as much time outdoors as he can, but he’ll be back to curling up in a warm spot before long!

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  3. I’ve enjoyed following you each month. I’m happy to know that this blogging tradition is going to continue. Maybe, after I finish adding a monthly dose of positivity to the world [#WATWB], I’ll try this blogging challenge. In the meantime, I’ll groove on your photos.


  4. The snow looks beautiful! It looks like a wonderful set of monthly winter adventures. My sil love Fireball. I have tried Scottish whiskey in SCOTLAND and still find no love for whiskey. lol.


    • I enjoy the odd glass of whiskey or scotch – either neat or on the rocks – but I can’t say I’m a huge whiskey fan. I did however discover bourbon while visiting Louisville a few years ago. Given a choice of the three, I would pick a good bourbon 🙂

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  5. My fave is the snowshoeing photo. After 38 years in Ottawa, I’ve come to love winter. Really love it. The quiet colours, being housebound and forced to spend hours reading instead of grocery shopping, learning to x-country ski and skate, loving good winter clothing that keeps me warm and dry. I do also sometimes wish to be a cat and curl up in a warm spot and wait it out. But not today. Today I like winter.


    • Today it was easy to love winter because your face didn’t freeze off when you stepped outside 🙂

      I’m trying to learn to like winter. I think I’m getting closer … and having the option to do nothing really helps 🙂


  6. Jury duty – oh my. Here in California there are two seasons: brown and green. Right now we’re in green! Only white if there’s fog… I must admit I sort of miss the snow sometimes.


  7. That first picture is my favourite – it’s amazing, though i’m sorry you had to suffer for your art! Well, it’s my favourite apart from Theo, of course. I’d like to hibernate too.


  8. Thanks for being part of The Changing Seasons Joanne; your January looks like it was made for whiskey and hot chocolates.
    These are lovely images, and good on you for braving the cold. I particularly like the shot from Bluffers Park, and the snow-covered bike. The Big T will be envious; he quite fancies cycling in snow. Wow on the jury duty thing! I don’t know whether to wish you a boring week or an exciting one. My dad was a juror on a murder trial and it was in equal turns fascinating and distressing.


  9. I can barely imagine you having a dull day, Joanne. You find something worthy of notice every day, it seems. Lovely photos, but they made me cold. Brrr. I need to start a fire and make myself some hot cocoa. I hope jury duty is fascinating!

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  10. As much as I like to see a little snow now and then, you just made me grateful to live further down where the snow melts in a day or two. But, wow, great photos and good for you for getting out there in spite of the weather. Fireball whiskey would definitely do the trick after being out in frigid temps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We use Fireball purely for medicinal purposes 😉

      We’ve had to cancel another hike today – this time because of rain. It is wet, soggy, and foggy outside.
      With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark, the risk of black ice makes the thought of driving rather unattractive … not to mention getting wet in the rain 😕
      Sadly it means we are now off the trail until March when Helen returns from vacation.


  11. Very nice photos, in my view. I’m pretty surprised you haven’t been called to jury duty in 25 years. Out here we get a summons at least once a year. Either we have more criminals, or your criminals are better at not getting caught.


    • I know many people who’ve never been called – and yet my son was called last year for the 3rd time, and he’s only 32.
      Getting summoned to the jury pool is one thing, but getting pulled into a trial is another.

      We’re certainly not crime-free, but generally, I think our overall crime rate is much lower. Just looking at the murder rate alone, last year Toronto had 63 homicides in a population of 2.8 million. In comparison, Los Angeles had 271 in a population of about 4 million, and Chicago with a similar population to Toronto, had a staggering 650 homicides.

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  12. Theo looks comfortable. 🙂

    The first picture is breathtakingly beautiful. What a great shot! Character building trips are the best. I had to smile when I read it. Fireball Whiskey (whatever that might be) sounds like a good choice.


  13. That first image of the tree is stunning! I’ve been craving snowy landscapes but, haven’t yet been able to get to the snowy mountains. You’re images are egging me on! I hope to get up to the snow this week-end. Until then I’m with Theo!

    Won’t that bike rust in the snow?


    • That bike is definitely going to rust in the snow. I’m always a bit puzzled when I see an abandoned bike like this. I can’t help but question why.

      Nature creates some magnificent ice sculptures, but it was also very slippery and it made walking rather treacherous. That was the 3rd time in one week I wished I had a hiking pole with me. Mental note – leave one in the car!!

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  14. Jury duty? Yikes! I’ve been called once. Bring a book. When I went I was still teaching and I got a lot of marking done in three days. I never did get called up just to be turned down. Apparently teachers are very seldom chosen to be jurors.


  15. If I could reach through my computer screen and cuddle up with Theo, I would. Despite the bitter cold you’ve been experiencing, you managed to have some adventures and take some great photos… all is not lost! Good luck with jury duty. I seem to get a new summons almost annually, the day after my grace period is up.


    • Theo is a cuddle bunny too! I often have to resist the urge to lie down with him.

      I haven’t been summoned for jury duty in about 25 years. It’s funny how some people have never been called, and others get called every 3 years.
      I just don’t want to get selected for a jury trial!


  16. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the oppressive heat in the tropics (which is most of the time), I am going to come back to this post to cool off. Just a look at that icicle filled tree, the skating rink, and all that snow brings my mind back to the winters of my childhood. The images are so vivid I can actually feel the chill. Only 58 days, 05 hours, and 20 minutes until Spring 🍃🌸🍃
    PS – Theo is adorable


  17. I have to google “fireball whiskey”. LOL.
    TransCanada Trail looks very nice. I think I would like to be there when it’s above 25 degrees 😉
    Have a great evening.


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