Travel With A Badass

It’s been several days since I returned home from a week of hiking and iceberg hunting in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Truth is, I’ve been running non-stop and today the tank is finally empty. This is a much needed recharge day and a perfect opportunity to start writing about this most recent adventure.

Some of you follow my other blog, Following A Bold Plan, and know that I was travelling with Deb from Widow Badass. This is the first time I’ve gone off on a major excursion without my husband and although our trips together are always amazing, this one with Deb was an absolute blast.

Photo by Deb – she was our selfie wizard

Travel with a girlfriend is different in all the best possible ways – especially when that friend shares the same interests, energy level, and sense of adventure.

No, we weren’t camping.  These two women like their amenities and we had rented a large 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of St John’s.  It was a great jumping-off point for all our adventures.

Exploring Newfoundland lent itself to taking videos, so today I’m going to share one that managed to encompass the essence of this trip – hiking, icebergs, and the ubiquitous wind.

In spite of my glib ‘finders keepers’ comment in this video, after this hike we did followup about the possession of eagle feathers.  It confirmed Deb’s suspicion that it IS illegal in Canada and the US to have any part – even a found item like a feather – of a protected migratory bird such as the Bald Eagle.

If you are interested in reading more, check out this link –

A few days later we met this bad boy on a different trail.  He did not seem to be even the least bit disturbed by our presence, and watched calmly as we finally walked away.

I made a comment about the temperature in the video.  It was a balmy 15C (60F) – probably a bit cooler with the chill of the wind coming off the North Atlantic – but compared to the previous day at 5C (40F), with a bone-chilling wind, this day was glorious.

Expect more about our adventures in Newfoundland – an absolutely magical place to visit if you love the outdoors.  If you aren’t following Deb’s blog, why not?  I for one am looking forward to her stories about our week together.  


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  3. Hello, Hi There. I enjoyed your post. I also have recently started my travel blog I am looking to do a trip with my lady friends to Greece one of these days soon, so I wanted to find out was it not strange for you to travel without hubby? As I too also do all my trips with him. Any advice from your side when traveling with the ladies?Omio Coupons


    • How exciting that you will be travelling to Greece with friends!!
      The one thing I found about travelling in general is that the things you like and dislike get amplified when you’re away from home – regardless of who you are with. Maintaining a sense of humour goes a LONG way.

      My biggest piece of advice is to understand what you need to be comfortable. Deb and I both knew that we needed our own space so sharing a hotel room was simply not going to be an option. Renting a 2 bedroom Airbnb apartment was perfect and in the end much cheaper than a hotel.
      We are both morning people, relatively quiet, and we had an itinerary that provided some structure but was flexible and had a lot of elbow room in it for whatever caught our fancy.

      If you are travelling with like-minded people and really enjoy their company, you’re going to have a blast!


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  5. We found a handy item on our trip, tape. Why? To cover all the indicator lights on appliances [ones we couldn’t turn off] in the motorhome that lit up the room, funnily enough, the blinds were great for keeping out the moonlight or campground lights — an opposite challenge to your dark hotel rooms.Amalfi


  6. Sounds like it was a great adventure. Nothing wrong with liking amenities, everyone has their own adventure style! Great shot of the bald eagle, and thanks for spreading the knowledge that collecting any of the feathers is illegal. It’s good Leave No Trace practice too! We love that you’re educating while sharing your travel tales! Happy travels to you both!

    Pura Vida,


  7. Hi There. I enjoyed your post. I also have recently started my travel blog I am looking to do a trip with my lady friends to Greece one of these days soon, so I wanted to find out was it not strange for you to travel without hubby? As I too also do all my trips with him. Any advice from your side when traveling with the ladies?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woohoo! Greece was one of my favourite trips! That’s wonderful!

      I’ve never travelled with a group of women before so it’s hard to answer that question. A group dynamic is very different than one-on-one. Decision making becomes much more complicated.

      As with any relationship – friend or spouse – the things you like and dislike in your relationship tend to get amplified when travelling together. Only you can answer whether you’re comfortable with that and will there be opportunities to go off on your own if you need some space.

      Deb and I knew that we both needed personal space, so sharing a hotel room was not going to be an option for us. In fact we didn’t even sit together on the flights.
      Renting a 2-bedroom apartment on AirBnB was a great solution for us and gave us the space we needed to quietly recharge.

      I hope your travels together is magical. If you haven’t been to Greece before, it’s fabulous. Have fun!!


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