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On This Day

Sixty-one years ago today a 32-year-old immigrant from Holland gave birth to a baby girl – her 4th child. It was almost a tragic day, for the child was strangled during birth by the umbilical cord. There were several frantic, … Continue reading

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An Unusual January Roadtrip

It was a rare date with my sister.  After days of heavy snow squall warnings that cancelled our attempt to get together after the New Year, the weather finally cleared enough for me to venture north to spend a day with … Continue reading

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Where Is Home?

When I was still quite young, living with my parents, I asked my mom if she missed her home. You see, my mother was a war bride from the Netherlands who came to Canada in 1946 after marrying my father. … Continue reading

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More Monkey Business

The Year of the Monkey continues on its disruptive path through my life. Not content with wrecking my Big 60 travel plans, costing me literally thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements of various failed devices this year, and tripping my … Continue reading

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It’s the Best of Times

Just in case you should start to think that this year has been all doom and gloom for me, I need to balance the scales … for there has also been great joy. On Thanksgiving Weekend, our oldest son Jordan and his … Continue reading

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No, It’s Not Important

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada.  Like our American cousins, this is a time when we should be reflecting on all the things in our life for which we are grateful.  The markets are exploding with the abundance of nature’s harvest and … Continue reading

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What’s With All The Seals?

Even in marriages that are 30+ years old, little moments of surprise can pop out of nowhere in a conversation. As background, I am married to a French-Canadian who didn’t really learn English until his mid-20s. As further background, the … Continue reading

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A Return to Normal

I’ve been away for what feels like a very long time. Entertaining my visitors from Holland and playing tourist became a full time job. Now that my cousin has returned home, I’m vaguely feeling a bit at loose-ends. It’s time to reassemble … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons: May Madness

I’m currently sitting in a tiny eye of calm in a storm otherwise known as *house guests*. May has been a crazy month and I won’t be sailing into smoother waters until sometime around mid-June. The end result is that I’ve … Continue reading

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Q = Québec City, Canada

Did you really think I wasn’t going to bring up Québec, again?  I mean, really! There aren’t that many *Q* cities. In 2015, we were back in Québec for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and the beautiful weather gave us the opportunity to play tourist … Continue reading

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