O = Oslo, Norway

Oslo was a special detour we made while visiting the Scandinavian countries in 2015.  After an overnight trip by boat from Copenhagen to Oslo, we had little more than 24 hours to absorb as much of this city as possible.

We were so lucky to have had perfect weather for our short visit, so my memories are of a sun-soaked city with people out in droves enjoying the warmth.

O = Oslo

I have featured Oslo in several posts over the past 6 months – including one on meeting Cardinal Guzman and some great doors.

O = Oslo2

It is a very old port city with a fortress to be explored …

O = Oslo-3

… the unforgettable Frogner Park with over 200 amazing statutes and sculptures (one day I’m going to figure out the difference between the two) …

O = Oslo-2

… and lots of interesting architecture.

O = Oslo3

… including City Hall, also called the Brown Cheese Building.  I think  it was meant to be derogatory, but any building with such a wonderful clock on it deserves some respect.

O = Oslo4

Visiting this wonderful old city was definitely worth the detour.



  1. My grandpa was born in Sweden and so one fourth of my blood is from the fjords and ocean, fishing and his family men were stone masons, Joanne. I was “off the grid” so missed a few posts, this was not during this weekend, but maybe another reason? Sorry but glad I came back to see the places I missed! Hugs!

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  2. Doing another catch-up so scooting through from New York to wherever you are today! I worked in Norway for 6 months way back when I was 19 but never made it to Oslo. I did like Bergen though no nude sculptures there as far as I recall 😉


  3. I love the “pile-of-naked-bodies” sculpture. Was there a meaning behind this one?

    My brother and his girlfriend visited Norway last fall and although they said it was a bit expensive, it was also gorgeous. Their photos of the country were amazing.


  4. I’ve heard of that park. A statue is generally a memorial to a person or event. A sculpture is considered art and is open to viewer interpretation. You can make a sculpture out of toilet paper however you cannot make a statue out of total paper. (well, you could but you know…)


  5. You are a whirlwind traveler, it seems. Do you ever stay anywhere more than 24 hours? Ha ha. The outdoor cafes lined up as far as the eye can see made me smile, and I love the tower of intertwined bodies, I could study that for a full day all by itself. It looks like a great city to visit!


    • Oh Diana – if you liked that tower, you would love this park. Picture over 200 statues along the same theme as that one tower. There was so much to see, I wasn’t really sure where exactly to start!!

      … and yes, we do manage to stay in one place for a few days, but our vacations are nothing remotely close to relaxing.

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    • I love these little oases where you can just people watch for while. I’ve only recently got Gilles to the point where we can actually sit chilling for a while in an outdoor cafe enjoying a drink or a meal before he wants to scurry off to do something else 🙂


  6. Now THAT is a place I’d love to visit! 🙂
    My husband spent many months there as a Marine, but somehow his memories involve a lot more snow and beer than is reflected in your photos 😉

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    • HAHAHAHAHA!! If it had snowed in August, my memories might be very different than they are 😀
      … and I admit our visit included an amount of wine and beer. It might have been only 24 hours, but we did have time for chillin’ 😉

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    • Thanks Joe. I think it says a lot about a city that almost every photo I took became a favourite 🙂
      This A to Z Challenge has led very nicely into reminiscing about our travels, but I will eventually run out of cities to match letters.


    • That is the one common thing about northern countries. When the weather is nice, EVERYONE flocks outside to soak it up while they can. I really enjoyed sitting outside at one of these outdoor cafes – with a beer 🙂 – and watching people go by!

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  7. Oh how wonderful you met Cardinal Guzman!!!

    I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been to Norway. I so want to … not only Oslo, I would want to go up north, to Lofoten and those places. Maybe one day …

    Your pictures are quite lovely! You did good, considering you only had 24 hours 🙂


    • The weather really helped us on this trip. I’m sure our visit to Oslo wouldn’t have been quite as successful if it had been pouring rain.
      Like you, I’d like to get into the Far North one day … although Husband points out that we could do that from Canada 🙂

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    • Another blogger had once written that when visiting the Scandinavian countries, one needs to bring a wheelbarrow of money because it is so expensive.
      He wasn’t joking. It was certainly one of the most expensive vacations we have ever taken.


  8. One of my favorite cities – we went there on our honeymoon and were there on June 21st – their national holiday since the sun does not set. We loved the park and all the art the city has to offer. Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful place.


    • Going to Oslo and meeting you was certainly the highlight of that trip for me 🙂
      We did get inside city hall and walked around as much as we could. Unfortunately the great hall was closed so we could only peer at it from the entrance.
      I’m glad you had told us about the Brown Cheese Building because I doubt we would have otherwise known to go exploring in that direction.


  9. Oh thank you for sharing Oslo with us. I love Scandinavia but Norway has been missing on our adventures there to date. Oslo is definitely moving up the list. Fascinating sculpture of the bodies 🙂


    • Another blogger very helpfully suggested that a statue is a sculpture with people or animals in it 🙂
      I’m sure we would have had a very different kind of visit if it had poured rain the entire time we were there.
      Fortunately, we got the beautiful sunny version 🙂

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    • hahaha – I’m now the complete opposite. Unfortunately we couldn’t squeeze Finland into our trip so it’s still outstanding for me.
      Frogner Park with all its statues is amazing. I could have spent way more time there. Su Leslie suggested that a statue is a sculpture with people or animals. I suppose I could have looked it up, but … well, lazy.

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